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Your ideas are your company's most important asset.
I'll show you how to protect them.

I'm Steve O'Donnell, founder of the law office of Steve O'Donnell.

As an entrepreneur I understand the issues faced by small businesses and startup companies.

I opened my office to provide Patent, Trademark, and Copyright services to other entrepreneurs that might not need dedicated in-house intellectual property counsel and who often have trouble finding capable and affordable lawyers.

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An invention is more than just a widget; it's the creative, inventive spark that saw a solution no on else could see.

Art is more than just an aesthetic expression; it's the culmination of study and practice that tells a story only fully known by the artist.

A trademark is more than just the name given to a product; it represents the past, present, and future of the brand and all it has come to mean.

Don't give away your creations.

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