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Steve O'Donnell, Ph.D. Registered Patent Attorney

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I want to help you succeed.

I'm an entrepreneur like you.

I founded my law practice to help small businesses and start-ups protect their most valuable properties--their ideas.

I know what it's like to wonder if I'll make a sale tomorrow and try to budget so that my busy times carry me though the slow times. This experience and understanding gives me an insight into small businesses that many large-firm attorneys don't have.

Since most of my practice is federal, I can help people across the country and around the world protect their intellectual property. I have some clients who prefer to communicate with me strictly with E-mail, while some of my local clients prefer to meet face to face.

I'm originally from St. Cloud, Minnesota and moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania to study at the Penn State School of Medicine. After earning a Ph.D. in Neuroscience for my project "The Response and Potential Roles of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 and IGF Binding Protein-2 in Murine Cerebral Ischemia," I went on to receive my law degree from the Temple University, Beasley School of Law.

I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with my wife and two daughters, a dog, four cats, a goldfish, a hermit crab, and possibly more pets no one has told me about yet.
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Services and typical prices.

I offer a wide range of intellectual property and related services to my clients. Listed below are some of my more common services and typical prices, including government fees and incidental costs. Exact pricing is based on the complexity of the matter and other factors. Government fees may depend on the client.

I give my clients a firm estimate of costs before we start working. Fees are due at the initiation of the project and are held in trust until earned.


  • Non-provisional application drafting and filing---$6000
  • Provisional application drafting and filing---$3500
  • Written response to Examiner---$1500
  • Illustrations and filing fees---included in estimate
  • Patent Issue costs---$1000
  • Assignment drafting and filing---$700
  • Infringement opinions---$2500
  • Licensing negotiations, misc---Hourly


  • New trademark application, mark in use---$875
  • New trademark application, mark not in use---$1075
  • Written response to Examiner---$700
  • Assignment drafting and filing---$500
  • Infringement letters and responses---$300


  • Preparation of one author application---$300
  • Each additional author---$75
  • Assignment drafting and filing---$700
  • Infringement letters and responses--$300
  • Licensing negotiations, misc--Hourly