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Every case is unique of course, and the complexity of a matter can effect the final price, so the following are just general ballpark figures.


  • Non-provisional application drafting and filing---$7000
  • Provisional application drafting and filing---$2500
  • Illustrations and filing fees---included in estimate
  • Written response to Examiner---$1700
  • Patent Issue costs---$800
  • Assignment drafting and filing---$700
  • Infringement opinions---$2500
  • Prior art search—$2000
  • Licensing negotiations, misc---Hourly


  • New trademark application, mark in use---$900
  • New trademark application, mark not in use---$1100
  • Written response to Examiner---$700
  • Assignment drafting and filing---$500
  • Infringement letters and responses---$300


  • Preparation of one author application---$300
  • Each additional author---$75
  • Assignment drafting and filing---$700
  • Infringement letters and responses--$300
  • Licensing negotiations, misc--Hourly

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